Nonprofit Management Classes

These classes have shaped my master’s degree, each covering an important aspect of the third sector and all that it entails.

  • MPS 500: Introduction to Public Service Management (focusing on the development of a strategic plan for The Cara Program)
  • MPS 501: Cross-Sector Analysis (focusing on the abuse/treatment of circus animals)
  • MPS 511: Sustainable International Development (focusing on International Animal Rescue)
  • MPS 515: Nonprofit Financial Administration
  • MPS 519: Resource Management (focusing on the development of a fundraising plan for the Fetching Tails Foundation)
  • MPS 521: Leadership and Management
  • MPS 522: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • MPS 524: Marketing for Service Organizations
  • MPS 533: Applied Statistics for Public Service
  • MPS 546: Advocacy and Lobbying (focusing on the development of an advocacy plan for legislation to protect stray animals)
  • MPS 583: Research Methods for Public Service
  • MPS 593: Integrative Seminar (focusing on the VALOR program at Safe Humane Chicago and the human/animal bond)
  • MPS 594: Ethical Leadership in Public Service