Additional Projects

At ASSH, I have many different responsibilities, which range from editing various newsletters to serving as the production manager on publications. Below are some of the different areas in which I have been able to work.

  • Cover and sample text from Elbow Trauma: A Master Skills Publication, my first ASSH publication project
  • Edits suggested for the September 2015 Presidential Update
  • Edits suggested for the February 2015 Coding Corner newsletter
  • Edits suggested for an announcement made to clarify a push for industry forums at the ASSH Annual Meeting
  • Image designed as a video thumbnail for Hand-e, one of ASSH’s online learning resources
  • Image designed to be used as a thumbnail for a video about how to use the Industry Guide, an ASSH resource on various products, services and vendors

While attending Illinois State, I had many chances to expand my horizons, including opportunities to hone my design skills, work on websites, create a press kit and even help produce a video, which can be viewed below.

  • Portfolio website designed with a group in Technical and Professional Writing I for Dr. Pamela Hoff, a professor at ISU
  • Press kit for Mercury 16 Press, a press created in Forensic Bibliography and Archival Editing
  • Video produced through University Marketing to demonstrate how The Vidette is adapting to a changing world with digital media
  • Digitization of “London’s Mourning Garment,” a death pamphlet, in TEI for Forensic Bibliography and Archival Editing
  • Website analyzing various texts that focus on food and how they impact the development of young people for Literature and the Related Arts

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