About Me

img_1734After graduating from Illinois State in 2014, I moved to Chicago after accepting my position at ASSH. I’m currently living the dream, and I know that I would not be where I am today without my ISU background and support system through all the people important to me. Working at ASSH opened my eyes to the world of nonprofits, which allowed me to pursue my publishing goals while also following my passion for helping people. Upon leaving ASSH and joining the HRMAC team, I entered a challenging, unique environment of nearly 80 events per year. I was able to get my feet wet in areas like facilitating webinars and working closely with the print publication, HR Leader, and being the lead on all marketing efforts had been extremely valuable and fun. I love being able to help others pursue their dreams and continue their education while I pursue my own. It’s a unique ability that only associations can really provide, which has translated into my own experience at SmithBucklin as well.

When the HRMAC Board of Directors elected to transition into SmithBucklin, it was a unique chance for me to transition in with the company and my few coworkers, and since then, I have already experienced new opportunities. I am currently working on five different clients in different roles, which has taught me how to work on different teams and balance different projects in a whole new way.

My experience at ASSH led me to the MNM program at DePaul, and I feel good knowing that while my learning in the classroom has come to an end, I will continue to learn outside of it. Completing my master’s degree has provided me with more insight into the nonprofit opportunities available, and ultimately, I would love to work in a nonprofit focused on animal welfare, animal conservation or environmental conservation and sustainability.


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